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Why KTS ?

→  KTS scheduled Inter-Laboratory Comparison Programs for each parameter which assures our great reliability & our confidence & customer’s belief in our results.

→  We have not only calibrate your equipments / instruments but also giving our best knowledge to better performance & also provide facility to Pick up & Drop of your       instruments.

→  “Better Uncertainty of your instruments’ make more less doubt in your mind“

→  Correctly performed calibration increases productivity, optimizes resources & assures consistency, comparability & compatibility of products & services as well as       their acceptability anywhere in the world.

→  We also consult for other than our scope of facility for complete solution at one stop.

→  We can help to let you know as reminder by telephonic conversation & mail system when your calibration are due as per your schedule.

→  We can help you for Calibration & Validation as in the various sectors like Pharma, Biomedical, Food, Drug, Chemical, Enginnering, Automotive, Airlines, Defence,       Petrolium, Oil, Gas etc…

→  KTS has management personnel having 10 to 20 years of experienced & trained by experts & held about another 10 nos. of personnel who are authroized to do       calibration.

→  KTS believe in continual positive improvement of 4 M (Man, Method, Machine, Material)