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We are pleased to inform you that our (KTS) Laboratory is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories for ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005) Department of Science & Technology (Govt. of India) in the field as per below :

→  Thermal (Temp. & Hum.) Discipline
→  Mechanical (Pressure, Vacuum & Sound) Discipline
→  Electro-Technical (Controller & Time) Discipline
→  Others (RPM, Balance, Weight, Electrical, Flow, Dimensions, Volume, Force, analytical inst. Etc.)

And we facilitates as per below listed instruments :

Mechanical (Dimension) Discipline

  All Type Micrometer   All Type Vernier Caliper   All Type Depth Gauge
  All Type Height Gauge   All Type Plug Gauge   All Type Ring Gauge
  All Type Thickness Gauge   All Type Snap Gauge   All Type Micrometer Checker
  Pin Gauge   Measuring Pin   Bore Gauge
  Test Sieve   Dial Calibration tester   Angle Gauge
  Angle Protector   Bevel Protector   Degree Protector
  Combination Set   Radius Gauge   Wire Gauge
  Flow Cup   B4 / B6 / Ford Cup   All Type Pitch Gauge
  Pitch Gauge   Straight edge   Foils
  All Type Scale   All Type Tape   Profile Projector
  Elcometer   Length bars (Slip Gauge)   Standard length bar
  Microscope   Tape and Scale calibrator   Surface Plate
  Feeler Gauge   Electronic Probe with DRO   V Block
  Spirit Level   Optical Parallel / Flat   Cube Mould
  Vicat Apparatus   Flakiness Gauge   Elongation Gauge
  Extensometer   Micrometer Head   Special Purpose Caliper
  Feeler Gauge   Vernier Caliper Checker   Surface Roughness Tester
  Dial/Digital Indicator   LVDT   Comparator
  Hegman Gauge   Welding Gauge   Right Angle
  Thread Measuring Wire   PI Tape   Precision Square

Mechanical (Pressure/Vacuum) Discipline

  All Type Pressure Gauges   All Type Vacuum Gauges   All Type of Compound Gauges
  Safety Valve   Pressure Transmitter/Transducer   Vacuum Transmitter/Transducer
  Magnehelic Gauge   Manometer   Differential Pressure Units
  Dead Weight Tester   Rota Meter   Absolute Pressure
  Barometric Pressure   Pressure Switch   CO2 Pressure Gauge

Mechanical (Mass) Discipline

  All Type of Weights   All Type of Weighing Balances   Weight Box

Mechanical (Volume) Discipline

  Pippette   Micro Pippette   Burette
  Measuring Cylinder   Beaker   Vulumetric Flask
  Density Cup   Pyknometer   Any Glasswares
  Hydrometer   Jars   Specific Gravity Bottle

Mechanical (Revolution) Discipline

  All Type Tachometer   RPM Meter/Measurmeent   Stroboscope
  Centrifuge   Speed Measurement   Vibrator RPM

Mechanical (Force) Discipline

  Shore A / D Hardness Tester   Push Pull Tester   Rubber Hardness Tester
  Compression Testing Machine   Universal Tensile Testing Machine   Proving Ring
  All Type Loadcell with Indicator   Flexural Testing Machine   Rockwell Hardness Tester
  Brinell Hardness Tester   Vicker Hardness Tester   Rockwell Hardness Tester
  All Type Loadcell with Indicator   Flexural Testing Machine   Impact Tester

Mechanical (Torque) Discipline

  Torque Wrench   Torque Driver   Torque Tester

Mechanical (Laboratory Equipments) Discipline

  Sound Level Meter / Calibrator   Lux Meter / Light Meter   Vibartion Meter / Sensor
  Anememometer / Air Flow Meter   pH Meter   Conductivity Meter
  Turbidity Meter   TDS Meter   Counter Meter

Mechanical (Flow) Discipline

  Gas Flow Meter   Water Flow Meter   Air Velocity Meter
  Flow / Level Transmitter (DPT)   Ultrasonic Flow Meter   Diesel/Petrol/Oil Flow Meter


Electro-Technical Discipline

  (DC/AC) Volt Meter   (DC/AC) Ampere Meter   (DC/AC) Frequency Meter
  (DC/AC) Resistance Meter   (DC/AC) Multimeter   Capacitance Meter
  Temp. Controller/Indicator   Universal (Multifunction) Calibrator   Decade Resistance Box
  kV Meter   Micro/Milli Ohm Meter   RTD Test Kit
  RTD Calibrator   Thermocouple Calibrator   Power Meter
  Energy Meter   Power Factor Meter   Frequency Meter
  Power Supply   Insulatio Tester   Mega Ohm meter
  Earth Resistance Tester   Clamp Meter   KW Meter
  Kelvin Bridge   HV Tester / Spark Tester   Chart Recorder
  Stop Watch   Timer   Data Logger (All Channel)
  Hour Meter   Phase angle   Inductance
  Oscillescope (Amplitude, Time Base, Bandwidth)   Counter Meter

Thermal (Temperature) Discipline

  Glass Thermometer   Digital Thermometer   Temp. Sensor with Indicator
  Temperature Recorder   Temperature Data Logger with Sensor   Temp. Gauge
  SSPRT / RTD Sensor   All Type Thermocouple Sensor   Dry & Wet Thermometer
  Temp. Transmitter/Transducer   Thermister   IR Thermometer
  Pyrometer   Temp. Scanner   Temp. Liquid (Oil/Water) Bath
  Temp. Dry Block Calibrator (Dry Bath)   Dry Block Furnaces   Wireless Temp. Data Logger

Thermal (Humidity) Discipline

  Humidity Sensor   Humidity Sensor with Indicator   Humidity Transmitter/Transducer
  Digital Thermo-Hygrometer   Humidity Data Logger / Scanner with Sensor   Wireless Hum. Data Logger

Thermal (Temp. & Humidity Mapping) Discipline

  All Type Oven   Humidity Chamber   All Type Furnaces
  Deep Freezer   Autoclave   BOD Incubator
  COD   Stability Chamber   Walk in Stability Chamber
  Cold Room   Cold Storage   Ware House
  Store Room   Environmental Chamber   Dispatch Room